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Dive into the essence of conscious leadership. Learn how the Conscious Leadership Circle can ignite your personal and professional transformation.
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Conscious Leadership Circle

For Business Executives


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Meets Once a Month in Person from 9am - 5pm

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Fuel Your Purpose

Envision a realm where leadership is not just a role, but a call to elevate your team. Learn how to maximize your potential for the greatest impact on your business while also reaping the benefits it has on your personal life.

Elevate Your Impact

At the Conscious Leadership Circle, we guide you on a transformative path to redefine your leadership through self-awareness and choice, creating outcomes that mirror your highest aspirations.

Transformative Leadership

Embark on a progressive journey of growth and excellence with us, where every choice is an act of leadership, propelling you and those around you to greater heights. Enhance your ability to empower those around you so, together, you can transform your business and life. 

Our Core Belief

Leadership is the narrative of possibility. We work on the person in the context of the business. Within our circle, limitations become the canvas for innovation, shaping the artistry of your leadership.

Discover Your Potential

The Conscious Leadership Circle awaits to amplify your influence and unfold your leadership potential whether you are running the company or a leader within it.

Conscious Leadership Circle has been a transformational experience for me. I found being at the top of the company to be a very lonely experience. CLC filled that need for peer engagement and support.
The caliber of leaders whom I am fortunate enough to call my personal board of advisors at CLC is both humbling and inspiring.
It’s because of the deep understanding we developed of each other, that during a particularly challenging period at my company, my fellow CLC members were able to support me in meaningful ways. Without them, the outcome of this challenging period would have been devastating to me and my self-esteem. Instead, the self-awareness and learnings of my CLC experience empowered me to consciously choose how I wanted to show up for my team and for me.

- J. Nelson, Owner of JNelson Consulting

The most impactful benefit from CLC is identifying places I am resistant to changing. I have a team in CLC who is interested in helping me overcome my obstacles and allows me to aid them in overcoming theirs.  

- E. Krogh

With the support of the CLC group, I have been building my self confidence. I see similarities with others and the facilitation really pushes me to think and explore my own inner mind's workings. 

- M. Lomeli


Schedule your discovery call now!

We know it can help to talk through the decision. Bring all your questions, or just let us know you're ready to grow!